Keto Meal Plan Example
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This post is a continuation of keto meal plan example series. We recommend you to read the breakfast post in the series before the continuing further.

Let's go ahead and move into lunch which is some interesting stuff and here is the thing with lunch we reduce the fats.

Remember how with breakfast we kept the fats high because we're priming the pump and we have the flexibility metabolically with insulin resistance to do so.

Well with lunch we are bringing the fats down. We spiked our body getting used to fats and now we're pulling it away, depriving the body of fats a little bit and going slightly higher protein so the body has no choice but to want to pull fat from the tissue.

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Below is our keto meal plan example for lunch: 

Keto Meal Plan Example

6-8 Oz Lean Chicken

What we want is 6 to 8 ounces of lean meat, preferably lean chicken. Lean red meat would also be fine but we ideally want you to have lean chicken here. You must keep it lean whatever you choose.

Keto Meal Plan

4 Tbsp Guacamole

4 Tbsp Guacamole - Essentially what we are making here is we're gonna make either a Taco Salad or a Burrito Bowl and trust me it tastes good.

You can go to Chipotle and you could make this meal if you're on the go.

4 Tbsp of guacamole or 4 Tbsp of mashed avocado (that would be about a half of a medium-sized avocado) if you don't like the taste of actual guacamole.

Keto Meal Plan

Pico / Salsa with 2 Tbsp Nonfat Greek

Add some Pico de gallo, some salsa to taste then you're gonna go with 2 Tbsp of nonfat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Sour cream is a little bit less healthy than Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt tastes like sour cream when it's in a taco salad or burrito bowl. Trust me you won't know the difference.

If you go to Chipotle then it is okay with you having the sour cream as it is a small amount of dairy in this case. Greek yogurt is dairy too but it is a little bit better because you have a little bit more of the cultured effect.

Sauteed Fajita Veggies

So here you are going to have like onions, peppers and things like that all sauteed in oil. If you're making this at home, saute them in coconut oil or palm oil (palm oil has some great benefits - palmitoleic acid so really good stuff).

What is important here is if you go out to eat, pull the bell peppers out.

The bell peppers are very high in fructose, they are a high carbohydrate veggie and it will throw off your numbers. We do not want that as we will end up with an extra 10 grams of carbs just from bell peppers.

You can still cook it if you still want that bell pepper flavor. We just don't want the sugar from the actual bell peppers themselves.

Then add some greens, add some broccoli or something into the mix even if it is just some sauteed spinach.

Keto Meal Plan

This meal ends up being about 9-12g Carbs, 20g Fat and 400 - 500 calories.

Most of the calories, in this case, are coming from an increase in protein and the amount of protein with lunch is double the amount than with breakfast.

Decaf Green Tea or ACV Drink

In between lunch and dinner, we can have a little bit of decaf green tea because of some of the EGCG benefits of green tea - that is the antioxidant and the catechins in green tea. Remember we don't get it with the caffeine.

The other thing you can do is to make an ACV Drink. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) drink helps in your digestion.

ACV Drink
  • 12 ounces of water
  • 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • Couple drops of stevia in to sweeten it

Sometimes add a little bit of ginger or lemon juice in there and make a nice almost like lemonade type drink and it does help you digest.

You can put a little monk fruit, a little bit of stevia to sweeten up however you like. It does help you to get through that period between lunch and dinner. It is a very important period that you are not snacking once again.

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