Keto Meal Plan Example
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This post is a continuation of keto meal plan example series. We recommend you to read the breakfast and lunch posts in the series before the continuing further.

Dinner is where you get to have a little bit more fun. Below are the details of sample meal plan we suggest you to follow for dinner.

Keto Meal Plan Example

4-6 Oz Filet or Mod fat cut (Salmon)

Have a nice steak, have a filet - something with a little bit more fat but try to avoid a ribeye in this case because we don't want super high fats.

Here is the thing - With a filet the difference between three different fillets that you are going to have maybe a difference in three to four grams of fat per filet.

If you get three different rib eyes in front of you one could have 20 grams of fat, one could have 30 grams and one could have 40 grams. It all depends on the marbling and it is too hard to determine how many calories you get when you're first getting started.

Once you get established with keto then it is fine but we are just getting started and we want to have success here.

You want to make sure that you're focusing on getting high omega-3 fats.

High Omega-3 Beef - so what that means is grass-fed, grass-finished meat that is very very important. Omega-3’s in excess don't store as fat they store as phospholipid bilayers they support our membrane so we can overeat on those fats and have a little bit more flexibility.

The other thing that you can do is you could have salmon. It's a good time to get those Omega 3’s from salmon

Keto Meal Plan

Calculate Your Macros

Use our simple Free keto calculator to easily help determine your personal macros, and help you get started on the Keto Diet!

1 Cup Cauliflower rice or Mash (Add 2 Tbsp Oil and Asparagus)

1 Cup Cauliflower rice or mash and you can add a tablespoon of butter to that or you can add a couple of tablespoons of oil just in general coconut oil palm oil

The reason that we want you to use cauliflower rice or cauliflower mash is that the cruciferous vegetables have a high degree of estrogen modulation effects in the body and it is going to help you drop some of that excess water.

When you are first getting started on keto you want to get rid of that water weight. You want your body running nice and clean, you don't want a lot of inflammation.

One cup of rice cauliflower sounds like a lot but it's not that much especially if you're putting a tablespoon of butter on it and this tastes good. Instead of butter, you can also use a tbsp of ghee or a couple of tablespoons of Oil.

Keto Meal Plan

One thing we would recommend if you like Asparagus - Cook up asparagus and chop it up into like little half-inch chunks and mix it into your cauliflower rice or mash.

You will be getting the prebiotic fiber effect from the asparagus and it is going to help you digest a little bit. It is also going to help build the gut bacteria up for your new style of eating.

Every time you start a new style of eating your gut bacteria migrates and shifts and tries to adapt. Now prebiotic fibers that are in asparagus and artichoke help gut bacteria grow their fertilizer. As soon as you have a new bacteria coming in it is going to help it grow, fertilize and help it develop.

So we want that and that is powerful and if you mix it in there, it tastes really good. You can make a bunch of that ahead of time and have it for the week.

12 Pork rinds or 1 Oz Mac Nuts

For some extra fats add like 12-15 pork rinds in there and get yourself a crunch. What we don't want you to do is end up resenting the keto diet in two or three weeks because you missed the crunch or you missed the craving for a crunch.

Pork rinds will help you there or if you don't want to do pork rinds you can do an ounce of macadamia nuts. 

Keto Meal Plan

Here we are looking 35-40g Fat, 5g Carbs and again close to 500 calories. We brought the fat back up and we still have the protein decently high.

Pre-Bed Snack

Finally we move into a little pre-bed snack or we can call it a little pre-bed treat. This is just a good high fat snack which you can make it up with some almond milk.

Keto Snack

Take 12 ounces of almond milk and then a few tablespoons of cocoa (unsweetened baking cocoa or straight rock cocoa powder).

Mix it up and then take 3 tablespoons of coconut cream out of the can (This high-fat stuff - if you put it in the refrigerator it should be solid and if it stays a liquid you got the wrong kind).

Mix that all up and you add some stevia to it to taste (depends on how sweet you want it). Either
Stevia or monk fruit then make it a hot chocolate that is high fat. It is great and adds a few hundred calories.

Then two tablespoons of almond butter on the side. This high fat low protein right before bed just to give your liver the fuel that it needs to continue to produce ketones and voila the next day you start over again.

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