Keto Meal Plan
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There is a lot of Keto information out there on the internet and here we wanted to make something simple - a beginner's keto meal plan example series that you can follow.

This isn't going to give you a lot of different variety or a lot of different options for each meal but if you are looking to get started on keto and you just don't know where to go, this is going to be a great place to start.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. Whatever that is written about a little bit more specific amounts, it is important to note that this is broad and for just general purposes so you can adjust this however you need to. This is not an intended diet plan for anybody, it is to give you a baseline and a foundation so you have an understanding of what a beginner meal plan would look like on keto.

Few basic things are important for you to know if you're just getting started with the keto.

  1. 1
    Don't worry about Ketones
  2. 2
    Keto Flu
  3. 3
    Don't Overdo the Fats
  4. 4
    Don't worry about too much Protein

Don’t worry about Ketones:

Don't worry about measuring your ketones when you're first getting started. Just don't worry about it honestly as you get further and further down the keto train then you can start worrying about it but right now just focus on the food. It is not gonna matter right now too much.

Keto Flu:

If you're just getting started on keto you might experience the keto flu. All that is is an electrolyte imbalance for the most part. People will go down some rabbit holes and explain it in more in-depth ways but the fact is it's simple.

It is your electrolytes getting out of whack as your body is adjusting to lower carbohydrates. Your kidneys tend to expel extra water so you become sodium and a little bit magnesium deficient and you feel wonky and fatigued.

A simple way to combat that is to add more salt, we'll talk more about that as we go.

Don't Overdo the Fats:

A lot of people will tell you when you're first starting a keto diet to just go hog wild on the fats and honestly that's a quick way to gain weight.

Let's not worry about that because what we laid out here, it's gonna give you the perfect ratios that you can follow.

Don't worry about too much Protein:

In specific circumstances, you need to worry about having too much protein but we're not going to worry about those as beginners.

We are not going to worry about those situations. It's okay to have the protein plus we are laying it out for you right here now.

You are not going to see dairy here because we want you to get into keto in an anti-inflammatory state. We want you to get into keto cleanly and we are not doing dirty keto here. This is what we would say is a good protocol to get optimal results from the ketogenic diet in as little time as humanly possible.

So let's jump right into breakfast.

Calculate Your Macros

Use our simple Free keto calculator to easily help determine your personal macros, and help you get started on the Keto Diet!

Keto Meal Plan - Breakfast

This is going to be your highest fat meal of the day because believe it or not your body tends to store less fat in the morning.

It does this because your fat cells are a little bit more insulin resistant in the morning and your muscle cells are insulin sensitive so in the morning you have less potential for fat that you consume to store as fat.

So let's keep breakfast nice and high fat it's a great way to start our keto journey.

Keto Meal Plan Example

1 Whole Egg + 2-3 Yolks

One whole egg plus two yolks. The reason we are doing two yolks in there (two to three yolks depending on the size) is because we want more of the fat from the yolk.

We don't necessarily want the extra protein and the inflammatory albumin from the white so have one egg and add two to three extra yolks.

You can give the whites to the dogs, the albumin is pretty good for them.

Keto Meal Plan

4 Slices Turkey Bacon

You can do regular bacon if you can get your hands on good quality bacon but I'm saying this for the general masses as a beginner. If you go with turkey bacon it's a little bit cleaner generally.

Keto Meal Plan

1 Oz Pili / Walnuts

Add one ounce of peeling nuts or walnuts. Pili nuts are very high fat, super low carb and Walnuts are high quality too and they are high omega-3 but most importantly neither of these nuts have high levels of phytates.

"Phytates can mess up absorption and mess up mineralization of things."

So let's just go ahead with Pili Nuts or Walnuts. It doesn't matter if they're roasted or raw in this case.

Keto Meal Plan

Coffee with 3 tbsp. Coconut (Optional)

Have a cup of coffee but take three tablespoons of coconut cream. That is the high-fat coconut milk you get out of a can.

We don't want you to use half-and-half here if you have to then a substitute for that would be like two tablespoons of heavy cream.

Don't use half-and-half because it has more milk in it. Milk is more inflammatory than the cream itself because the cream is just the fat. But we prefer you use just the coconut from a can as it is high fat and much better quality.

Keto Meal Plan

250mg Magnesium + Theanine

Optional is 250 milligrams of magnesium (Just get some on Amazon) plus some theanine. This is just going to help keep you balanced and you don't have to worry about it.

This breakfast is going to be around 4-8g Carbs, 45g Fat, 400-500 Calories.

Do not snack, what is important in between meals with keto is not to snack.

Every time we eat whether we eat carbs, fats, or protein we have an insulin spike. However small but that insulin spike turns off the glucagon.

Glucagon is what turns on cyclic adenosine monophosphate which is what allows us to burn fat. If we don't have glucagon activated we don't burn fat between our meals.

So remember we are priming our pump with ketosis, we are getting all the fat in our system so our body is used to using fats and then we deprive ourselves of fats and calories for a little bit of time so the body has no choice but to try to burn it from your stored fat

if you're constantly eating your body never has an opportunity to pull it from your stored tissue so we need to make sure we are strict with the no snacking but add some salt to your water.

It might sound crazy but when you're first starting add some salt to your water in between your meals like you're gonna add half a teaspoon per half a gallon.

If breakfast is not something you're into. If you're an on-the-go type person there is an option for you. You can do keto coffee as an alternative just so you know and you can sip on that a little bit more.

If breakfast is not something you're into. If you're an on-the-go type person there is an option for you. You can do keto coffee as an alternative just so you know and you can sip on that a little bit more.
Keto Coffee

Hope you would have received some basic ideas about the things to be taken care in keto diet. If you like our keto meal plan example for breakfast, you can also go ahead and read our plans for lunch and dinner as well. Don't forget to leave your comments.

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