We (Ketodeals.co) aim to provide high-quality guidance and resources in simple terms to anyone who wants to get started with the Keto diet. Even for those who are already doing keto, this will be a good supporting platform to find many valuable resources and helps in maintaining their keto lifestyle.

Why Ketogenic Diet?

The foods you eat on daily basis may either support your health or harm it. Diets high in sugar and grains lead to weight gain, heart disease, and many other health issues. Unfortunately, many individuals continue to follow high carb diets that prevent them from losing weight and achieving their health goals.

Keto Diet Explained

The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. The Standard American diet consists of 35% Fats, 15% Proteins, and 50% Carbs. In the Keto diet, these numbers are quite different with 75% being Fats, 20% being Proteins, and only 5% being Carbs which is 10 times lesser carbs than in a standard American diet.

The Ketogenic Diet focuses on using fat as a primary energy source rather than carbohydrates, by moving your body into the natural state of ketosis (fat burning).In simple terms, a ketogenic diet trains your body to burn fat instead of glucose.